Bert and Ernie Spend Some Time Apart

My husband is the Ernie to my Bert. I’m the introvert, and he’s the guy with a banana in his ear. He keeps me laughing, keeps me on my toes, and never misses an opportunity to prank me good.

I was out of town recently and while I was gone we each kept a stuffed toy version of the other to keep us company. We kept each other posted with photo updates, and the results were…well, see for yourself.

The First Night


“Ahh, finally some peace and quiet.”

With Ernie out of town, Bert can eat anything he wants. “Time for some lumpy oatmeal!”


Bert decides to watch a scary movie…

…and pig out on movie munchies.

Bert gets scared and hides under the couch. “Oh boy. I wish Ernie was here.”


Ernie watches Orange Is The New Black. He is a little embarrassed. “Bert! There’s so much nudity, Bert!”

Ernie Is The New Black!

Bed time. Ernie sets up a nightlight…

…and sleeps like a baby.

Rise And Shine

The next day…

Ernie hums to himself while trying to style his unruly hair.

“I look great, though I do say so myself.”

“Hey Bert, how do you like my glasses? Do they make me look smarter?”

Back at the Bertcave…

“You brush your teeth, ch ch-ch ch, ch-ch ch-ch ch…

“Bert, you handsome devil. You look fantastic.”

Bert doesn’t know he has toilet paper stuck to his foot. “Today is going to be a great day, I can feel it!”

A Busy Day

Ernie loves being on vacation!

Ernie catches a train. “I hope I get a window seat!”

Ernie does some light reading.

Ernie appreciates some art.

Ernie gets together with friends.

Poor Bert is stuck at his day job.

Going down.

Bert waits for the bus. “Another day, another dollar.”

At least he can chitchat with his coworkers.

Bert finally heads home after a long day.

Dinner and Drinks

“Ugh, who put ketchup on my pasta? Only Bert eats it like that!” Bert learned everything he knows about cooking from Oscar the Grouch.

Bert, on the other hand, thinks he is a pretty good cook.

Dinnertime! “Good thing I spent all day ironing my apron.”

“Mmm, chocolate milk goes well with peppermint oyster stew, right?”

“Wait, what’s this?”

“Well this ended badly.” Bert is a bit of a lightweight.

The Last Day

While Ernie prepares to return from his trip…

Laundry time.

Waiting at the train station. “Hey Bert, this lounge sure is swell!”

…Bert enjoys his last hours of freedom while he still can.

Bert goes on a bender. “YOLO.”

…and decides to try Koalaback riding for the first time.

Together Again

Ernie and Bert are both glad to be back under one roof.

“I missed you Bert.” “I missed you too Ernie.” D’aww.



  1. clintbutler33 · August 18, 2015

    Reblogged this on Rule33 and commented:
    An adorable story that incorporates #orangeisthenewblack and #sesamestreet under one happy take. Sure to be a #netflix original soon!

  2. clintbutler33 · August 18, 2015


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