Movie Quotes That Make Great Ringtones


Ever heard a line and immediately thought, “That would make a great ringtone!” Here are a few I’ve heard recently. In fact, a couple of these are already available on Zedge.

SPOILER ALERT. This post might give away some important plot points.

“Put that cookie down. NOW!” – Jingle All The Way

Everybody loves to see Arnold Schwarzenegger with his speedos in a bunch. This clip from Jingle All The Way is pretty classic.

“Eat it! Eat the cookie!” – Flowers in the Attic

Speaking of cookies, this clip from Flowers in the Attic (1987) is another great one. Play 0:11-0:15 and ignore the rest. Priceless!

“What are you doing with a cellular phone, son?” – Scream

Unfortunately I can’t find a clip for this one from the first Scream movie.

After Sidney (Neve Campbell) is harassed on the phone and then attacked by the killer, her boyfriend Billy (Skeet Ulrich) is questioned as a suspect. The sheriff asks him, “What are you doing with a cellular phone, son?” with great suspicion.

Back in 1996 most people didn’t have cell phones, so this was a valid question. Now it just sounds very silly.

scream-drew“My cell phone bill is HOW MUCH?!”

“Somebody call somebody.” – Se7en

Okay so a serial killer cons two detectives into taking him out into the middle of nowhere, albeit under heavy security and police surveillance.

When things go bad and one of the main characters gets shot, an officer gets on his radio and says, “Holy Christ. Somebody call somebody!” (At 4:38 at the very end of this clip below.)

Really? Who should this somebody call…the police perhaps? Dude, #youhadonejob.

“Mom! Mom! Mom!” – Family Guy

Okay this isn’t a movie quote but it’s such a good one. This is the one for mothers who need a perfectly annoying ringtone for when their ungrateful children call.


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