Happy Easter / Oestra!


I’m realizing that 0 degrees celsius is to Ottawa what 10 degrees celsius is to Toronto.

Once the temperature hit zero here, and the snow began to creep from the sidewalks, everybody ran outside.

People are already jogging and riding their bikes and sending their kids outside to play. It’s barely hit 5 degrees for more than a few minutes and everyone is in spring mode.

And then there’s me…still bundling up in my winter coat and salt-stained winter boots. I’m ready for it to be spring, and appreciate that we can finally go outside without having the windchill burn our faces off, but I’m not feeling the urge to dance in the streets quite yet.

Any day now I’ll embrace the above-freezing temperatures, dig out my running shoes and venture out for my first jog of the season.

Right now I’m looking forward to visiting my family over the long weekend. We have plans for Easter dinner with our closest family friends and we might even check out a maple syrup festival.

And it’s time for us to paint eggs! Each year my mom and I paint a wooden egg each, and we’ve created quite a collection over the years.


This photo was taken a few years ago and now the collection has grown out of this big egg shaped bowl. Painting a new egg each is a fun springtime tradition and gets our creative juices flowing.

Have a happy long weekend!


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