Throwback Thursday: Sisters of Mercy and Mother Russia


Okay, so I was a little too young in 1988 to really grasp the political climate.

I didn’t know what the Cold War was, or what “mutually assured destruction” meant. I didn’t understand the constant threat of war or how nervous everyone was about it.

It’s a crazy thing to think about, but I guess every generation has its own reason to fear that the sky is falling. There is always going to be mass anxiety, and much of it for good reason.

What can we do? I guess we just pull together and make the best life we can while we have the chance, look after each other, and try to have faith that most of the people we share the planet with are good and kind and compassionate.

AND we can rock out to 80’s goth rock on YouTube!!

Dominion by Sisters of Mercy

A friend sent me this extended version including the Mother Russia lyrics and clips from DUNE, another 80’s classic. Awesome!


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