Vsauce Videos

Vsauce-BillNyeVsauce’s Michael with his friend Bill (via THNKR)

I recently re-discovered Vsauce on YouTube and have been watching a lot of episodes lately. It’s nerdy good entertainment with a mix of science, philosophy, history and random things that make you go “hmmmm.”

Vsauce creator and host Michael Stevens has covered a pretty diverse range of topics including profanity, why things seem creepy, why we have two nostrils, and what it would look like to travel into a black hole.

In the episode below I learned about “dazzle paint.” It sounds like a cosmetic used by the kids on Dance Moms, but it was really a military tactic used in World War I.


And here’s one that answers that age-old question, “what if the moon was a giant disco ball?


Check out the Vsauce YouTube Channel for more videos like this.


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