Throwback Thursday: Joey Lawrence “Raps”

JoeyLawrenceIn the early 1990’s Joey Lawrence, and this monstrosity of a vest, were both cool.

Remember early 90’s Joey Lawrence?

For some weird reason he came up during a conversation today. I think the discussion went from Wahlburgers, to Marky Mark’s music career, to this terrible video from 1993….

Joey Lawrence – There’s Nothing My Love Can’t Fix

In 1993, baggy denim overalls and oversized flannel shirts were the height of fashion.

At the time, long before Big Bang Theory, Mayim Bialik starred as an awkward teen in Blossom and her co-star Joey Lawrence was quite the teen heart-throb.

This video poses a deep philosophical question for the ages. If Joey Lawrence raps, does that make him a rapper?

A lot of this video is cringe-worthy, but I especially like the way he acts out wiping tears away like he’s playing charades. And what’s going on at 3:39? That’s just really…unnecessary.


One comment

  1. clintbutler33 · March 5, 2015

    Video killed the radio star.

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