View to a Kill (1985) – Mini-review

View To A Kill (1985) Film Poster

I have never been a big Bond movie fan.

Having said that, I do like the classic campy romps a lot more than the newer films that take themselves a bit too seriously.

I recently watched A View To A Kill on Netflix and really enjoyed it. I liked it for several very important reasons:

Grace Jones

Grace Jones is awesome. She kicks ass.

Grace Jones 2

Grace Jones and Christopher Walken

These two are a great pair. They look fabulous together (even despite Walken’s terrible bleached hair in this movie). It’s like they came from the same distant planet.

I wish they had coupled up and spawned all kinds of strange children together.


Christopher Walken Out-Cooling Roger Moore

It’s very entertaining to watch Roger Moore’s overdone, smarmy brand of coolness fail against Christopher Walken’s cool brand of coolness.

This video probably doesn’t demonstrate my point very well;
I just can’t watch it without laughing.

The Bond Song

Duran Duran did a nice job of the Bond theme. If you feel like a throwback to 1985 you could do worse than the View to A Kill song.

Also, it’s been stuck in my head for weeks now and why should I be the only one made to suffer.

I recommend against watching the band’s version because it’s an absolutely terrible video and will ruin the whole song for you forever…and possibly your whole life too. You have been warned.


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