3 Ways to Regroup & Recharge in 2015

Filling The Well

The beginning of the year is a great time for fostering creativity and for refocusing energy.

I’m usually inspired to come up with resolutions for the year ahead and to re-evaluate what my goals are. I did come up with a pretty long list of resolutions in a flurry of enthusiasm, but for the most part they were pointing to the same basic things.

I’ve learned the hard way that no matter how hard you push yourself, or how many hours you spend trying to catch up, you will never get everything done that needs to be done. The finish line will never appear, and you will run until you’re exhausted.

The truth is, there will always be chores to do, errands to run, people to catch up with, important things to attend to, and expectations set by other people that you feel immense pressure to meet. And never enough time to do it all.

I’m certainly not saying it’s okay to be irresponsible, or to procrastinate, or not try your very best. But I know myself, and I know that to be my very best, I need to focus some of my energy on things that nurture my creativity and fulfill my spirit.

Right now I’ve decided to put more of my attention towards renewal. It’s time for “filling the well” and time to put more of my energy towards creating a sense of well-being.

For me, this usually means taking time to do the unnecessary. Here are the Top 3 ways I plan to do this in 2015:

1. Less Screen Time, More Paper Time

I’m guilty of it like everyone else. My computer, TV, and mobile phone get a scary percent of my daily eyeball time. It’s not healthy and I know it.

The rabid environmentalist in me isn’t too impressed about it, but when I feel creative I always seem to get inspired by paper. Writing on paper, drawing and doodling on paper, painting on paper, ripping up magazines and sticking things on paper…this seems to be my inner child’s medium of choice.

So instead of my nightly before-bed games binge on my cell phone, I’ve started breaking out the doodle pad.

It’s nice to wind down the day offline. My husband and I have started doing crosswords together instead of staring at our phones, and if that sounds boring you clearly haven’t met my husband. Somehow we’ll end up laughing until we cry trying to figure out eight across.

2. More Writing

More pen to paper, and more blogging. Okay yes, blogging involves more screen time, but I’m one of those people who writes better on screen. I need to rearrange and reorganize what I write and do so often. Often do so. Yeah.

The Daily Post has daily writing prompts and I hope to make use of these, even if, like with this post, I end up going off on a tangent.

Unlike with the anonymous blogs I’ve created in the past, I’ve found it more difficult to write from the heart here, knowing my name is out there for all to see. That’s something I want to work on.

In my working life, I craft messaging carefully and strategically, and for a purpose, and I have found it difficult to turn off the constant editing. Luckily my pen and paper writing is still there if I really want to let ‘er rip, but I think this blog is a good place to find a happy medium between those two extremes.

3. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

When my brother and I were little my Mom used to say that if you don’t put all of your decorations away by 12 days after Christmas, it’s bad luck. One year we all got the flu and then found a holiday ornament hanging in our front hallway that we’d all forgotten about and blamed that. To this day I still feel this weird need to hit the 12-day deadline in case something bad happens.

Well, here we are, THIRTEEN days after Christmas and our tree’s still up. TAKE THAT, SUPERSTITION!

Look at me, living on the edge in 2015.  Maybe next I’ll walk under a ladder or something.

Here’s to a content, creative 2015!
~ KT

P.S. I wrote this in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Oasis.”


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