Sigur Rós Sampler

In case you haven’t heard of Sigur Rós, they’re an Icelandic post-rock band that’s been making dreamy, ethereal chill-out music since the late 1990’s. They’re touring North America and Europe through 2013.

The lead singer and Jónsi plays his guitar with a cello bow, and many of the band’s songs are sung in a made-up language called “Hopelandic.” As if that wasn’t weird enough, Sigur Rós recently took their sound in a completely new direction, debuting their DJ skills under the name Triple Nipple at Berlin’s Boiler Room.

I’m not sure what to think of the new DJ dabblings but here are a few sample tracks from the Sigur Rós I know and love.

Sæglópur (“Lost At Sea”)

The kid in this official video has no luck, but I like the happy and energetic mood of this song (while it lasts).

Myrkur (“Darkness”)

Is it me or does this one have kind of an 80’s flavour? The vocals are choirboy angelic and the break at 2:25 is especially spine-tingling.

Gong – Unofficial Video

Here’s a more sombre one. I can’t help but smile though because Jónsi sounds a bit like the secret Icelandic love child of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. I mean that affectionately, of course.

Popplagið (“The Pop Song”) – Unofficial Video

In true post-rock style, this song is 12 minutes long. It starts out as a pretty ok track, but gets truly epic in the second half around 6:00.

After about ten minutes of build-up, you can almost hear the Apocolypse hit. And it’s totally worth the wait.


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