KT in the UK

In May I took a long overdue trip to England to visit my Brit Bestie and her adorable family in Brighton.

Brighton is wonderful. It’s the gay capital of England, home to more than a few crystal clutching vegan yoga hippie types, and the running joke is that the people there are tolerant of pretty much everything…except eating meat, dairy, gluten, or anything that wasn’t organically grown within 100 km.

Brighton baby, I think I’m in love.

Catching some sun outside the Royal Pavillion

Catching some sun outside the Royal Pavillion

At the Pavillion's Tearoom. How could this scene any better?

At the Pavillion’s Tearoom. How could this scene get any better?



There’s lots for tourists to do in Brighton. Hanging on the pier by the beach, shopping in the Lanes, visiting the Aquarium, dining out, or just relaxing at the pub.

In Brighton, even the Aquarium is really gay.

In Brighton, even the Aquarium is really gay.

I'm even on the menu at Scoop and Crumb!

I’m on the menu at Brighton’s best ice cream shop, the Scoop and Crumb!

By staying with my lovely locals, I was lucky enough to see the less touristy side of Brighton too. For example, I got to tag along to a local beer and music festival. At Glastonwick 2013 I found a lot of fun, friendly activists from Brighton’s music scene rocking out in the countryside. I got my first introduction to “cabaret punk” as well as some very potent local cider and perry.

Luckily I drank enough cider that when this happened, I thought it was absolutely hilarious:

We took a road trip to East Sussex to visit Bodium Castle. It was built in the 14th century and even has a moat. Gorgeous!

A "proper" castle

A “proper” castle

An unexpected find in Bodium's 2nd hand bookstore. These saucy Brits!

An unexpected find in Bodium’s second-hand bookstore. These saucy Brits!

Of course I had to hit London and check some touristy stuff off my list. I rode the London Eye, poked around Harrod’s, and this “Cheeesy Toms” even took a tour through the London Dungeon, a creepy, cheesy, theatrical funhouse ride through the dark side of London’s history.


Harrod’s: Snazzy, posh, lavishly expensive, yet sort of like a Las Vegas casino…

And then there was Paris…

Me...in PARIS!

Me…in PARIS!

Girl’s trip!! The city is so beautiful and we did a lot of strolling around. I was super excited to visit Versailles and it just about blew my mind. It is indescribably breathtaking. It’s like walking around inside of a painting, and photos simply can’t capture it.


The Hall of Mirrors at Versailles


A tiny fraction of the enormous gardens at Versailles

Needless to say, it was an amazing vacation. I enjoyed quality time with wonderful friends and their superstar kids, plenty of sightseeing, and hot sunny weather for almost the entire 2 weeks I was there.

I think I’ve caught the travel bug, or maybe it’s just a bad case of ants in my pants. Lately I want to do EVERYTHING – try new things, visit new places, and knock things off an ever-expanding bucket list. So far so good!


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