The Problem with “Be Yourself”

I recently discovered this amazing mom who talks about raising, supporting and encouraging her gender non-conforming 5 year old on her blog,

I particularly love this post about bringing her son C.J. to a salon for a pedicure: The Problem With Pedicures.

“Little boy, you sure you want pink?
Why not get blue to match your pants?”

Isn’t it crazy that such an innocent and minor gender transgression could cause people so much anxiety and discomfort?

Isn’t it incredible how much courage it can take to take a small but meaningful stand against sexism and homophobia?

Massive kudos to C.J.’s Mom. Great blog!


One comment

  1. 최다해 gongjumonica · November 22, 2012

    It is good to know that the son doesn’t have homophobia in an early age which could greatly affect his sexual perspective when he grows up.

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