I’m back…from San Francisco!

My most common advice to new bloggers is always this: Never start a post with an apology about how long it’s been since you last posted. Half the time nobody will care or even notice that there’s a huge gap, and all you do is draw attention to it.

On that note, here is a picture I took in San Francisco a few days ago:

Golden Gate Bridge

What a wonderful city. I only had a few short days to run around and take in the sights but I already know I’ll be back as soon as I can for a longer trip. If only because, by some sad miracle, I didn’t get to see any nude people while I was there.

Since starting Great New Job I’ve had several, nay, COUNTLESS exciting ideas for entertaining and thought-provoking posts but none seem to have magically appeared on my blog. Must be a technical issue. I will look into this.



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