Unladylike Speed Stick


Unladylike Speed Stick

Let’s see…

Lady Speed Stick:

  • Feminine, slim purple container.
  • It’s got pink stars on it!
  • “Cool & Fresh” fragrance, which smells something like a cheap drugstore perfume designed for Barbie’s obnoxious younger sister and made from the marshmallow bits in her favourite sugar-based breakfast cereal.
  • You will smell “Cool & Fresh” for 24 hours.
  • It might make you invisible.
  • 70 grams for $3.29.

Speed Stick:

  • Robust container with way cool shiny iridescent label.
  • It’s got non-slip grips for rough man handling!
  • Unscented.
  • No 24 hr guarantee, you’ll have to keep up that annoying habit of bathing regularly.
  • It might make you powerful.
  • 85 grams for $3.29.

Gendered marketing is really just a way for companies to sell the same product twice. You can save money if you ignore it and compare products for what they actually offer.

As another example, you can sometimes get a deal on electronics if you buy the exact same model in pink instead of white or black.

Compare prices next time you’re in a store and see if you can spot any of these price discrepancies based on which gender the product is aimed at.

Have you ever bent the gender rules during a shopping trip to save money?
Did you find it difficult to do? Was it fun? Or was it no big deal?



  1. Kenneth · August 2, 2012

    Some years ago, these little stickers began appearing on my deodorant of choice, Mitchum “Power Gel” unscented:

    “If you’re the only one who knows which remote controls what, you’re a Mitchum man.”
    “A Mitchum Man’s shirt is clean. His mind, not so much.”
    “If G is your favorite kind of string, you’re a Mitchum Man”
    “If your best man is holding onto your bachelor party pictures, you’re a Mitchum Man.”
    “If your favorite meal is a corn dog, you’re a Mitchum Man.”

    The stickers have disappeared I’m happy to report, but judging by the popularity of the Old Spice guy and other such advertising nonsense it’s likely Mitchum is up to something just as lame and sinister.

    • Katherine Toms · August 2, 2012

      Hey it sounds like the Mitchum Man grew up to be the Dos Equis guy.

      The old slogan for Lady Speed Stick used to be “Protects you like a man, treats you like a woman.” They used this up until the early ’90s, then made some attempts to make it more politically correct before dropping it altogether.

  2. Hikari Tennyo · August 15, 2012

    I have trouble with antiperspirant, so I need plain old deodorant.
    Since women aren’t allowed to perspire, locating a deodorant at all is difficult. Hence, I must browse the manly scents for something acceptable.
    Currently wearing Old Spice Pure Sport, it’s not musky and makes me smell like a dryer sheet.

  3. aparnauteur · August 15, 2012

    That’s an interesting observation! Kinda like how car salesmen are more likely to hike up the price if a woman walks in alone as opposed to a man.

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