Summer is for Holidays!


It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed an extended summer holiday, but I’ve just landed a sweet new job and I managed to carve out some downtime for myself before I start.

I’ve let my volunteer commitments take a back seat, I’ve unplugged from my social networks, and I’m forgetting about email for blissful hours at a time.

In short, I’ve decided to be shamelessly self-indulgent or the next couple of weeks.

I’m not going to grapple with the Colorado theater shooting fallout or stress about the sensational string of shootings here in Toronto. I won’t even wring my hands about all of the blatantly obvious signs of climate change. The hum of cicadas that used to signify back-to-school time, and this year began in late June? At least the noise masks the sound of mid-summer gunfire.

Nope, I’m totally at peace with everything. Life is good. The world is my oyster.

I’m off to a good start. There’s been dining, pubbing, patio surfing, baseball, karaoke, long walks, unhurried shopping and hanging out in the backyard. This week I’m going to check out the Picasso exhibit at the AGO.

What else should I do? What’s the best way to spend a summer holiday? I mean besides the obvious: watching cheesy 90’s Will Smith videos.



  1. thisfloridalife · July 22, 2012

    Sounds fantastic, a little summer unwinding is definitely a good thing.

  2. Anonymous · July 22, 2012

    Summer is meant for lazing.


    Queen of the Laze.

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