Celebrating My Canada

It’s a bit early to start celebrating Canada Day but I just can’t wait to get the weekend started.

Canada Flag Mosaic

I thought this story about a couple of stranded tourists was very heart-warming, and a great example of the kind of Canada I want to be a part of:

A young Italian couple were hostages to one of the ridiculous and offensive booking errors that travel agencies often make. Valerio Torrezi and Serena Tavoloni planned a trip to Australia to enjoy the beaches and views of Sydney, but the aircraft that they boarded to go to the other end of the world, went in a completely different direction.

After landing, the puzzled tourists found themselves not on the Green Continent, but in Sydney, Nova Scotia, in the Canadian Maritime Provinces, were the locals gave them a warm welcome.

In an attempt to rectify the situation, the tour operator offered the couple a free flight to any destination of their choice, and the couple hopes to travel to Australia soon. Meanwhile, the would-be tourists didn’t waste their time and enjoyed their unplanned vacation in the Canadian Sydney… the local population very hospitably took them in, the restaurants served them delicious meals, and the owners of the hotel even guaranteed them free accommodation.

(Read the full post here.)

The Canada I love is full of kind, generous people who are willing to lend a helping hand and assist those in need. We don’t need a lot of applause or recognition for what we do; we will do it anyway. We look out for each other, and we rally around those who are at a disadvantage.

To everyone celebrating this weekend, have a safe and happy Canada Day.


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