KT: In honour of Toronto’s Pride Week kickoff, I’ve reblogged a great post on all of the ridiculousness the LGBT community still has to deal with.

I look forward to the day when the issue of a person’s sexual orientation and gender identity is as trivial as their eye colour. Until then, check out the “Read more…” link above to read The Heterosexuality Questionnaire.

Dr. Kathleen Young: Treating Trauma in Tucson

People with homosexual or bisexual orientations have long been stigmatized.  The same is the case for those who are gender non-conforming or who feel their assigned at birth sex or gender does not match their true selves.  Heterosexism is a term used to describe  the belief that heterosexuality is the norm or superior, while anything else is stigmatized or just unacknowledged. Heterosexual privilege gives unearned and unchallenged advantages and rewards to heterosexuals because of their sexual orientation. These same benefits are not automatically granted to  lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender, transexual (LGBQTT) people.

The following questionnaire is intended to be a somewhat tongue in cheek, humorous look at our societal assumptions that heterosexuality is the norm and anything else must be questioned and explained.

This Heterosexual Questionnaire reverses the questions that are very often asked of LGBQTT people by straight people. The hope is that by  answering these  questions,  heterosexual…

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