Mystery 6-Legged Spider

I’ve found a 6-legged spider. I think.


I’ve scoured the interwebs to try and figure out if it actually is a 6-legged spider or some other bug. It’s the same size your average brown/yellow house spider, and it spins a web.

But looking closely there are no telltale stubs that might mean it lost 2 legs.  And what’s with the GIANT front legs? This bug doesn’t really walk like a spider, probably because its legs are so out of proportion. This is too weird.


Here you can see it has a couple of knobbly things coming out of its head that it tucks in when it’s disturbed. Antennae maybe? They could be a set of jaws but stick out pretty far from its head. They look to me like big googly eyes. I suppose they could be very small front legs with little spider punching gloves on them, which would make a set of 8 legs.

I’m stumped. Have I found a rare and exquisite species of house spider? Or is it a random mutant?


EDIT: I have heard from a reliable source, namely my friendly neighborhood spider guy Kenneth who works at the Junction’s reptile store Tails & Scales, that this is some sort of crab spider that’s missing 2 legs. He said the boxing glove thingies are called “pedipalps” and they show that this is definitely a boy spider. Thanks Kenneth!



  1. Dylan Brand · July 14, 2012

    Hi there, I’m not sure if this is just a crab spider that is missing two legs, because earlier today we found the exact same spider, and it would reach out with one of its front legs, pull something in, and eat it; (that’s what it looked like.) Can not find it anywhere on the internet! It does in fact have three pairs of legs, and one pair of pedipalps.

    • Katherine Toms · July 22, 2012

      Hi Dylan. Very strange! Maybe we have discovered a new species.

  2. cesarcrashesar Crash · April 27, 2013

    Hi, I belive it’s really a crab spider in the family Thomisidae or maybe a running crab Philodromidae. It is so clear that it lost legs because the left last leg is smaller than the right left one (I belive the lat one it lost and grown, the firsts are mutilated). This image may elucidate what happened:
    Sorry for my bad English.

    • Katherine Toms · April 30, 2013

      Cool! I think you’re right, it looks very similar. Thanks!

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