Spring Cleaning: The Purse Purge

For someone who is not big on the whole idea of carrying a purse everywhere, I sure know how to stuff mine to the brim. There’s a greeting card joke that women’s purses get bigger as they get older. At this rate I will need a suitcase by the time I turn 50.

Or one of these monstrosities.

In the spirit of spring cleaning during some unseasonably warm weather we’re having in Toronto and elsewhere, I finally got around to cleaning my purse out.

Here’s a rough idea of what I found in various pockets, and lost in the inner lining:


  • wallet
  • day planner
  • keys
  • bus pass
  • cell phone
  • iPod


  • a pack of gum
  • small lip gloss
  • Advil
  • facial blotting tissues
  • a knitted toque


  • a pair of earplugs
  • 2 restaurant candies
  • a calculator & pen set (freebie promo)
  • a zipper pull that had broken off the purse
  • 18 cents in change
  • a purple pen cap
  • a single hair pin

I suppose I’ve heard of crazier things coming out of a handbag, but still, who came up with the idea that stashing your stuff in a bag was a great way to organize things? Purses are annoying to carry and they never have enough pockets.

Here’s a much better idea:

Women's Trench Coat from SeV via ThinkGeek.com

This stylish trench coat has EIGHTEEN pockets!!  If I didn’t have reservations about buying clothes without trying them on, I’d probably have one already.

My inner nerd loves that it’s a jacket that needs its own filing system. My inner tomboy loves the idea of finally ditching this cumbersome purse habit. And who can resist when something strikes a great balance between aesthetics and practicality?

I guess with summer on the way and coat weather quickly disappearing, I’ll just have to settle for one of these.

Am I the only woman who would rather ditch the handbag habit altogether?



  1. easygoingorganizer · March 18, 2012

    Love it! I avoid carrying a purse if possible . . . although with 4 kids it’s usually not possible.

  2. Katherine Toms · March 19, 2012

    Hi easygoing, thanks for visiting. I love your organization blog.
    Yes I think the constant “Mom, can you carry this?” can play a big role in purse expansion!

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