Thanks, TOOL.

Speaking of kooky musical artists

TOOL, I’d like to thank you for putting on a great concert in Toronto last night.

It was so fantastic, I’ll even forgive you and the Air Canada Centre for the ridiculous gender-segregated security where all female concert-goers were forced to the edges of the crowd into separate, slower lines to be searched by female security guards. (Relax dudes, our boobs are no threat to you. Honest.)

Photo via

Speaking to random folks in recent days about my excitement to see you again, I’ve realized how few people understand your complex, ironic awesomeness. Clearly, they know nothing of your music, your mysterious love for Fibonacci spirals, your obnoxious sense of humour, or your trippy, overly long videos.

Surely, they have never seen this mind-blowing finale clip from Parabola:

Until next time, my mental metal dearies.


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