Fire Burns Toronto’s Junction Neighborhood

A self-storage building in my west Toronto neighborhood caught fire early Monday morning and burned for two days. Firefighters were unable to enter the building because of the intense heat of the 5-alarm blaze, and earlier today the building was still smouldering. Nothing in the building is salvageable.

Just hours later, the demolition plan is in full swing:

Coulter said nothing will happen until Thursday at the very earliest. There are concerns about poor weather being forecast for late Thursday and Friday. In addition, demolition will also need to be coordinated with CN Rail, as trains roll by regularly just steps from the building. [Via 680 News]

So it looks like they’re going to demolish the self-storage building before establishing the cause of the fire.

I have a few questions that all of the news reports failed to address or explore:

Why didn’t sprinklers go off?
Were there sprinklers installed?
Was the building up to code?
When was the last inspection?

I hope the victims of the fire get some answers. Preferably before the matter gets swept under the rug and a new condo building rises from the ashes of their disintegrated personal items.


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