Occupy Wall Street Media Coverage Is Embarrassing

All kidding aside, I’m following the situation in NYC pretty closely. The Occupy Wall Street protesters who have been on the streets for 2 straight weeks are finally getting some attention from the mainstream media.

Granted, it’s largely dismissive and often attempts to downplay the seriousness of the movement rather than consider what may have inspired hundreds, even thousands, of people to symbolically occupy the space known as “the financial capital of the world.”

The coverage is polarized and it’s difficult to find any information that isn’t biased to one point of view or another:

Then again, the idea of objective reporting is one of the problems: there is no objective reporting. Whoever owns the media owns the message. Corporate America is embarrassed, and would rather discredit the movement than face the music.

This embarrassment is why there was almost no mainstream media coverage of Occupy Wall Street for days. It’s why the best place to get information about what’s going on is NOT the television, or the radio, or the newspaper, but on Twitter and YouTube and blogs where eyewitnesses can post events as they happen – at least most of the time.  Yahoo has actively restricted the flow of information about the protest, and some Facebook users suspect they were blocked from viewing certain Occupy Wall Street related videos on YouTube.

This same sort of embarrassment is why China censors and arrests its citizens, and why there was a media blackout in Egypt during the uprising there earlier this year.

Only months ago the struggle in Egypt seemed so far from middle class America. Those poor Egyptians in Tahrir Square had it so much worse. They were oppressed and silenced by a corrupt regime. Their rulers lived in opulence while regular people suffered. They lived in fear. Lucky for US, thought America: We already have democracy.

Back in January, Claire Berlinski wrote this statement in a Fox News article entitled Why You Should Care About Egypt Protests:

We elect our governments: No one is beating us. We’re responsible for what they do. Hillary Clinton is our employee. We’ve got a democracy already and we’re free to speak about this without getting our heads cracked in. We’re free to try to influence our government’s policy.

We know now that this is not the case. And the whole world is watching.



  1. Grace · October 2, 2011

    This is a world dominated by the people who are either rich or having the control of power. The stock market might have been wrong to exist in the first place, it is no different from gambling, and pathetically this gambling is controlled by the rich and the powerful as well.

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