CAPP Tar Sands Ads Beg for an Adbusting

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) have a great ad campaign on the go. They’re trying to convince everyone that the tar sands are environmentally friendly, and not the diabolical scourge that everyone says they are.

While thousands of people risk arrest to protest the Keystone Pipeline, CAPP hopes to charm their way into our good books with some well-funded PR efforts.

Clean Air is Essential

I love these greenwashing attempts, especially ones this ridiculous. They reek of desperation, and in this case, poorly regulated sulphur emissions.

I’d like to see other companies try this. Here’s a totally fictional ad I made up:

ADBUSTING CHALLENGE: Have a knack for adbusting and want to respond to CAPP’s greenwash campaign? Post your image in the comments below! You can also send me a link to your image via Facebook or Twitter. I’ll re-post the best responses with full credit.

PS: Apologies to my fellow omnivores. I enjoy picking on the evils of meat as much as I enjoy eating it.

PPS: Thanks and credit to Kevin for having a fantastic head shot under Creative Commons license.


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