KT’s Summer Kick Back Kick-Off

I’ve had a very busy spring and am gearing up down for a carefree, relaxing summer.

Me + Snake on a Plain

Since I last posted, I have taken weekend trips to Ottawa, Quebec City, Port Severn, Balm Beach, and Tobermory. There was a wedding, a farewell party, an awards ceremony, and though it’s less exciting I also did some much-needed organizing at home after acquiring some new furniture. I may have neglected this site for a while but I have been updating the Toronto Guerilla Gardeners blog and I wrote a guest blog that has yet to be published.

Quebec CityQuebec City in May – it was grey but gorgeous

Some of my extra-curricular pursuits have wrapped up for now. Official guerilla gardening plants are generally seasonal and we’ve already had our final Summer Solstice evening plant. The Facebook group is really taking off though and we have lots of enthusiastic supporters who seem eager to get involved. There may be more activity before next spring.

Stopping to ChitChat
(Photo c/o Digital Crusader)

I have finished up my 8-week drawing and painting class where, ironically, I learned that I enjoy sketching with pastels even more than drawing or painting. I was expecting a bit more instruction in the form of structured lessons but, even so, I learned a lot. Sometimes diving in is the fastest way to learn.

hmmm, I will call it “Completely Unfinished”

The creative writing circle I took part in with a group of wonderful local women is also done and I love the collective journal I now have to keep. The topic I chose was “As Luck Would Have It” and it inspired some thoughtful entries. We’re planning to restart in the fall but perhaps try something more hands-on, like collaborative art pieces. Or something. In any case I’m looking forward to it.

I am hatching a plan for a regular feature on this blog. Hopefully I’ll have more on that soon. Otherwise, just forget I mentioned it…

What better way to kick-off KT’s Summer 2011 Relaxfest than a long holiday weekend.

i can haz long weekend?

I’m going to spend it with my feet up, cool drink in hand, enjoying the sunshine. Well okay, right after tomorrow’s G20 anniversary demo at Queen’s Park, that is.

Have a safe & happy Canada Day!


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