Roads Less Traveled

I recently heard about a TV show that’s in the works about people who choose to live ‘outside the box.’  Roads Less Traveled is set to explore the alternative lifestyles of people you might be tempted to call any number of things: radicals, free-spirits, visionaries, revolutionaries…or maybe just plain weird.

This series is the brainchild of host Natalia Kantor, who poses an important question: “What is essential to living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life?”

You can check out a list of episodes including one about Alex Grey, better known for his work on TOOL‘s psychedelic album art.

It looks like a great study in human happiness. What do urban farmers have in common with spiritual groups and modern nomads? If the episode descriptions are any clue, a happy life has something to do with balancing self-sufficiency with a sense of community.

Is happiness a radical idea? Why do we tend to assume it requires radical change? Does it?

I hope to see this series take off. You can donate to help make it happen, in exchange for prizes from tshirts and postcards to a an Associated Producer credit or an eco-adventure vacation.


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