Redefining Apathy

Here’s another great TEDx Talk. This one is by Dave Meslin, community organizer, urban activist, founder of the Toronto Public Space Committee, co-founder of Spacing, and the wind beneath Windfest.

Dave suggests that “apathy” is not some character flaw that individuals have, but an active force of exclusion that hinders people from getting involved in public life.

Here’s a game I sometimes play: Whenever you are tempted to say “Someone should _____” [help / make that illegal / do something / etc. etc.] try rephrasing it as “I should _____.” Just try it.

It might make you squirm. You might be able to think of a hundred reasons why it would be better to just forget about it.

But if it’s an issue you’re really passionate about, you might find that the idea of taking action isn’t really that crazy, or even difficult. That you don’t have to change the world yourself, because small actions can still be powerful ones. And that the cliches are true: it all starts with you.


One comment

  1. Dave Meslin · February 28, 2011

    Thanks for sharing! Glad you liked it. : )

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