Financial Hysteria

There was a huge hike in gas prices last night.

Isn’t it strange that, despite government and private assurances that our financial system is run in a cold, calculated, rational way, the reality is that our economies are at the mercy of knee-jerk emotional reactions? Last night’s surge in oil prices was based on fear, speculation, and panic about the political uprising in Libya – not an actual problem attaining oil in the present reality.

Investors at the bottom are often advised to not let emotional reactions get in the way of rational investing, regardless of wild market fluctuations. At the same time, it seems perfectly acceptable that the people who control that money act impulsively on hunches and bad feelings. This is just how economics works, we are told.

We are also led to believe that women are “too emotional.” Even today, it remains an argument that limits our access to politics and leadership roles. Our emotions inevitably “get the best of us.”

Perhaps more women should lead the world’s economies. We are apparently perfect for the job.



  1. junction. messiah · February 25, 2011

    But then women would take over all the jobs. Women have all the perfect skills to: make babies, cook, clean, spend…. making women to candidates Public Sanitation Technicians, daycare facility manger, fast food specialists. And if men don’t agree to implied terms and conditions to the contracts. …. we don’t get sex (willingly or unpaid) that night.

    Whatever the underlining organization for women is, men need to infiltrate this institution to have a man on the inside and cause a cock up to pull that house of cards down.

  2. junction. messiah · February 25, 2011

    You women are all slippery like owls, with your tentacles in everything

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