Links for 1/11/11

Happy 1/11/11! Here are some late great updates in order of local-ness. Please share if you think they’d interest anyone you know.

CBC Explains Usage Based Billing (via
As online multimedia explodes you’d think internet providers would be falling over themselves to increase people’s bandwidth. Too bad they’re tightening their grip on bandwidth and jacking up usage fees because they want you to keep paying for TV. has an online petition going – check it out if you want to help Stop the Meter.

Good reasons for women to speak up (via London Free Press)
Informed Opinions hits London this week! Media Action’s Shari Graydon will host a day-long workshop this Thursday at the University of Western Ontario to discuss what barriers still hold women back from participating in public discourse and how to get our voices heard. Registration required, visit

‘WHAT MAKES A MAN’ The White Ribbon Conference
On February 12th Ryerson’s White Ribbon Campaign will hold an “anti-conference” to explore what makes a man a man.

Here’s a short preview with conference organizer Jeff Perera:

Join the open concept discussion space, share your experiences and hear some amazing speakers, including a special performance by award-winning poet/performer Carlos Andrés Gómez. Register via email.

Event: Community Meeting in support of Transit City
Toronto City Councillor Joe Mihevc is hosting a meeting with the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) in support of Light Rail Transit across the city and the Eglinton LRT project.

DATE: Thursday, January 13th
TIME: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
WHERE: Artscape Wychwood Barns, Barn#2 (601 Christie Street)

Learn more about the campaign to save Transit City at

In other news, I found an art school in my neighborhood! Art Works Art School at Jane and Annette has beginner to advanced classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, etc., classes for kids and teens, and hey they do birthdays. I’ve registered for a class in the spring and I can’t wait. Hopefully by the summer I’ll have some new and improved art to share!


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